Chapter Committees

Legislative Affairs

CHAIR: Michael McGrady

General Responsibilities: Maintaining relationships with local, state, and federal legislators to communicate the needs, concerns, questions, and suggestions of the statewide 911 community. Additionally, the committee actively collaborates with other organizations with similar interests to develop strategies and messaging regarding specific legislative topics. 

Conference Committee

CHAIR: Jennifer Cass

General Responsibilities: Planning and facilitation of the chapter’s annual conference. This includes setting dates, securing an adequate facility, developing a schedule and vetting presentations and presenters. 

Communications Committee

CHAIR: John Geib

General Responsibilities: A newly formed committee that focuses on the communication of the chapter. This can include written and electronic correspondence, social media posts, branding activity, and any other related efforts to unify and expand the chapter’s messaging. 

Any members interested in committee participation should contact the Chair @ [email protected].