About Us

Who is Keystone State (PA) Chapter of NENA?

NENA’s mission is to foster the technological advancement, availability, and implementation of a universal emergency telephone number system. In carrying out its mission, NENA promotes research, planning, training and education. The protection of human life, the preservation of property and the maintenance of general community security are among NENA’s objectives.

The members of the Keystone State (PA) Chapter of NENA are dedicated to enhancing the delivery of public safety and emergency service response to residents and visitors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Members pursue this commitment by attending meetings, educational opportunities, and conferences. These venues provide an opportunity to increase member knowledge and help foster information sharing.

NENA membership helps you…

Stay Informed. Receive Emergency Number Professional Magazine and email new updates, spot industry trends, track progress, participate in the 9-1-1 Talk listserv, and stay connected about “hot” 9-1-1 issues as you increase your awareness and understanding of emerging and “Next Generation” communication technologies.

Stay Represented. Your membership helps ensure that “The Voice of 9-1-1” is heard through our NENA operations and technical committees, alliance-building programs, topical research, and the E9-1-1 Institute to gain industry representation in Washington. At the same time, you’ll increase your own knowledge and insight into 9-1-1 policy, regulatory, and legislative issues.

Stay Educated. Develop and share technical and operations expertise with other 9-1-1 professionals during national and local conferences, meetings, and events such as Critical Issues Forums, the Technical Development/Operations Development Conference, the national conference, and other professional development opportunities available through the work of NENA’s Education Advisory Board.

Stay in the Lead. Learn from industry experts who can help you move yourself and your organization ahead. Find solutions to the issues of staffing in your PSAP. Discover technology and services, both new and tried-and-true, to make your work more efficient and effective. Earn you ENP Certification, further your career and much more!

To become a part of this great organization, please contact one of the current executive board members.