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Executive Board Conference Call Minutes:

2016 November Minutes
2016 December Minutes
2017 January Minutes
2017 February Minutes

Membership Update


9-1-1 Advisory Board information and meeting summaries are attached.

Packet Issues Sheet
December Funding

March Meeting Summary
911 Funding
March Meeting Agenda

Next Board meeting is June 1st, 2017 at PEMA

Revised Election Procedures and Nominating Committee

The nominating committee has been established, and consists of the three regional VP's.  They are currently seeking candidates for Secretary and Treasurer.  If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please reach out to one of them.  They will be glad to hear from you!

Western Region - Todd Lake
Central Region - Kevin Fanning
Eastern Region - Audrey Kenny

Modifications to PA NENA's bylaws were approved at each of the Regional meetings in 2015.  These modifications were to allow for online or electronic balloting/voting for officers in Pennsylvania NENA. This amendment is in line with recommendations from National NENA to allow for electronic balloting, and has been adopted by several other state chapters. The bylaw amendment authorized the Executive Board to establish a policy and procedure for future elections.

You can view the bylaws, including the modifications, here.
You can view the election procedure here.

Electronic balloting may be used for our 2017 conference.  If there is a reason that you cannot vote electronically, you may request a mail-in paper ballot here.  Keep in mind this request must be returned to the Executive Board in accordance with timeframes outlined in the By-Laws.


Regional 911 Meetings and Conference – Save the Dates

Regional 9-1-1 meetings have concluded for 2017.  Another round of regional meetings will be scheduled in the spring of 2018.